Thursday, December 8, 2016

The Way...

Maybe....the most loving thing I could ever do is tell you the truth.  Maybe we've all lived in a world too long that is afraid of truth.  I believe that it is time I stop fearing hurt feelings and start helping heal feelings.  What is love if it isn't first true?  How could I ever offer anything of value if it did not first come from the truest place of my heart?

How do I look a hurting world in the face and not be truthful?  What if I had the jewel that breaks open the beauty of living, and I kept it to myself?  Beauty unshared isn't beautiful.  We all get sick of platitudes.  We are weary of empty campaigns.  We are numb of words that look shiny but have no depth.  Images and sound bytes fill up our spaces of hope, but the actual living out of hope seems near extinction.

You see, hope isn't found on a church pew or at a seaside.  Hope doesn't live on mountain crests or orbit planets.  Hope isn't grown in a field.  It doesn't ripen on a branch or rise in an oven.  Hope isn't a thing, it is a Person.   

The truth is that Hope is someone You can know and link your one tender heart to.  Hope broke itself open, spread it's life, spilled it's life, and beckons you to enter in.  Why are we so afraid?  Why does it push people away to know that Hope lives eternal, and that there is a pathway straight to the heart of hope?  

My stomach flips trying to find words to match this truth that I want to shower from skies above to all that will hear it.  I can't breathe until I say it.  I can't smile your way until you know that my love for you is so true that I would risk rejection before I would not share this truth.  

And maybe you think I am crazy.  Maybe you believe I have walked off the edge of some mental cliff.  Maybe you believe that my mind is weak, and I am not able to rise above the fog clearly.  

But I know what I saw and I can't forget it.  I can't go back to empty platitudes and filtered images of a pretend world that no one really lives in.  I have walked broken, broken as a soul can be right into the side of a wounded Christ.  This isn't the flannelgraph faith of my childhood, but rather a daring journey I have taken to the heart of the matter.  I met Jesus.  I met Him, and He met me.  I joined my soul to His.  I joined my life to His, and He has joined to me.  

He is teaching me that what I know of love is so small compared to the the truth of love.  I am seeing that the breaking of my heart is purposeful so that love can seep deep into the cracks of my core.  I am learning to see that my life begins the instant I lose it.  This losing isn't to worthless causes, but a giving of life to the source of life.  Crazy, yes, but oh so true.  I am not the same person I once was.  I am forever altered by Love.

When you really and fully meet Jesus, meet Hope, and you press your soul into this knowing, everything changes.  Love becomes who you are and what you do.  You ache to bring others into this knowing.  You see souls instead of faces, you feel patience instead of hatred.  You long to piece together brokenness by piecing people to the place of meeting Hope.  You can't keep this jewel of life hidden.

I can not.  I will not.

My friends, the truth is, this is where the depth and meaning of life reaches beauty.  It is in the knowing and joining your one heart, your one life, to the One that gave it to you in the beginning. It is daring to live in way that seems radical to this world.  It is the freedom of not feeling the weight of expectation from any person or any entity as to how your life should look, rather knowing that a loved life looks a lot like Jesus.

The most loving thing I can do for you is gently take your hand and show you the way, the truth, the Jesus.  

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