Tuesday, August 16, 2016

The Spectacle of His Glory

I haven't quit being surprised by God.  I can't even begin to wrap my mind around His plans for us.  I wonder how many times I have tried to re-route myself when He patiently waited for my return to His better ways? Sometimes I return in my mind to days where the clouds were heavy and looming, and I remember how I could sense His presence in the smallest ways, and that Presence would sustain my heart for those moments.  The shine in the suspended raid drop on the budding pear tree, the speckling of freckles across the noses of my little boys, a surprise bloom in the garden--all trumpeting the glory of God in the big and small.  All these things and more were like treasures hidden amongst the forest for me to discover so that I could grasp an ounce of the power of my Creator.  He didn't provide instant answers for my endless questions, but He did provide His glory to shine when most things were grey and dull.

I know now, as I knew then, that as life progresses there will be haze and misty mornings.  There will be glorious sunrises and storms that rattle the beams of the strongest fortresses.  I know that the journey involves the calm waters and the fiery mountains.  But I also know that when I take pause to really allow God to saturate my heart with His truths, even the hottest flames seem like dancing embers in the spectacle of His Glory.

And then there are moments that are pristine.  You can trace the curve of His grace like a child's drawing hand traces over smooth translucent paper.  He shows clearly and brilliantly His might.  He cannot be denied or missed.  It is evident and verifiable.  A person knows when they encounter the Holy. It changes the inner core of the soul when you find yourself faced with His power and provision.  The world becomes ablaze with flames of the Sacred.  And suddenly, a million questions never uttered get a million answers in His presence.

I have landed in a spectacle of His glory.  Each moment of this journey convinces me of nothing short of His mighty hand.  He just keeps giving, and I am in awe each moment that I am allowed to see His splendor.

As if getting our family across the mountains that led us to this place was not enough, He splashes splendor in the everyday.  From the house we call home, to the places we call work, to the people that He has allowed us to know, He keeps showing up in brilliancy.  And this last piece is no less remarkable.  Just last week, I spent some time with a woman that will be working as my assistant in the near future.  We were both blown away that her family recently returned home from career work in the same country--and the exact city---exact school--that my parents will be arriving at in mere days.  They share friends and experiences.  They were classmates with my brother, and provided much help to him in days past.  She nor I even knew of each other.  She didn't originally plan to be in the US.  I didn't plan to be in Toledo.  She nor I even knew we were in the same church, or even the same state.  I had no idea that she had applied for the job. She had no idea who she would ultimately be assisting.  And just like that God splashed His splendor and put us together on a beautiful journey.  Just like that, God put two people together that weeks ago did not even know existed.  But He weaved our stories like a perfect tapestry.  He knew this part before I knew how to even get across the mountains to this place.  I am certain He was creating this story even when I sat in the basement of that old downtown hospital and watched the security guard lock the doors to the cafeteria while I tried to swallow the last few bites and keep the tears at bay.  When things were fading, His glory was growing.

He knew.  He saw.  He heard.  And He had a plan.

His spectacle of Glory is not to be missed.  Even in the haze, it is there and it is brilliant.

I know you hear me, 
I know you see me, Lord.
Your plans are for me.  
Goodness you have in store. 
Thy will be done.
                              -Hillary Scott

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