Saturday, March 5, 2016

Because a Paycheck Can Never Define a Purpose

I can't explain what takes place in my heart when I am urged to write.  It is a deep stirring inside that pulls me to create, to share, to put words to a deeper sense in my world.  I can lose myself for hours when I am feeling the pulse of words beat through my heart.  In those moments, I know that somehow this is a gift from God.  He poured this passion into me. I write because I need to expose Creator God, even if it is for only me.

Sometimes, I do get anxious.  I know something of the longing to see words behind my name that gives more depth to my existence. It is easy to believe that all the small parts of my life will not add up to any great thing. It isn't as though I want fame or fortune; I simply hope for depth.  I hope that my life is meaningful. I hope that my purpose is being fulfilled.  Is there meaning if I write only for me?  Is there real substance?

But then I hear the whisper in my heart.  I know it as clear as I know my own voice.  The whisper is reminding me that a paycheck can never define a purpose.  My life is lived in many different ways.  My days are spent doing much more than any title in my email signature.  In the middle of dirty laundry, emptying the dishwasher, and bedtime prayers, I know that who I am is really more about Whose I am.

When I teach a room full of children and feel their hugs at my waist, I know that every part is beautiful.  When I sing on the stage and lift my hands to worship, I see the beauty in the patchwork. When I process payroll for my employees, I see how precious it is to be a part of other people's purposes.  When I have to confront conflict or wipe another's teary face, I understand more and more of the art of a life.  The art, the creation, in a soul is simply stunning.  It has everything to do with a loving God, and nothing to do with any title.  And then, in those moments where I see so clearly the stunning work of God, I have to write.  I become a writer when God shows me His story. And that is my purpose, the sharing of the stories of God.  That is the purpose of every heart.  It works itself out in so many different ways; sometimes it is in the toddler room with playdough, sometimes it is on the keys of a piano, and sometimes it is on the keys of a computer.

Sweet sisters of faith, let's find our purpose in Him.  Let's allow God to define us and little else.  Let's tell His stories the best ways we know how, and let us delight in the beauty of living out His creativity in our souls.  And together, let's remind each other that a paycheck never define a purpose.

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