Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Laying Low

Sometimes, a soul needs rest.  It needs the peace of marsh lands and salt air.  It needs the quiet of moss swaying in trees and the blue sea meeting the gray sky.  

I could stay here for many days.  I could watch the sailboats and shrimp boats bob in the sound- just wanting to soak it all in.  I feel good stories creating in my mind.  I want to write tales of the Low Country and soak in the warmth of the sea grasses.  

I find simply watching the birds dive for dinner and the little crabs scramble in the mud is utterly soothing.  I feel close to God and close to gratitude.  A slowed pace and time for thought is a beautiful thing.  

I am ever grateful that I can be here in a couple hours drive, but sometimes even that is far too long. I breath deeper here.  I linger.  I create.  

Maybe one day, I too will have a cottage near the sound.  Until then, I will drive and breathe deep the soft sea air of the Low Country.  It'll do for this weary soul.    

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