Monday, March 30, 2015


...When you only have ten minutes, but it is enough to say something of Grace..

Grace that forgives, and forgives, and forgives.  This beautiful dripping drenched grace that meets me even in failure is a mystery.  How could this all-knowing God continue to grace me?  When He sees it all, and yet He pours out more.  Grace in my grumbling.  Grace in my doubting.  

His love falling like rain splattering beautiful freckles across the cheeks of my baby.  His deep ocean of mercy reaching into my lowest places and spilling out truth that His love is limitless.  More love, more grace in the sound of bouncing balls in the backyard.  The muddy footprint in the kitchen that comes from the beautiful yard I call my a grace.  God's grace that is greater.  Every inch of living is smothered with the beauty of His love.  

The warmth of the coffee mug.
The tousled hair of a sleepy boy.
The wrinkled sheets in a cozy bed.
The shiny nail polish in a bottle on my sink.
The friend in the car every morning.
The snowy petals floating in the springy breeze.
The smell of rolls baking in the oven.
Little red juice mustaches.  

Grace comes in the small, unexpected places.  When I pause to see it, feel it, absorb it...I nearly cannot contain the fullness of peace in my heart.  This one line from a song of grace echoes deeply...

"If Grace were an ocean, we’re all sinking."

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