Sunday, February 15, 2015

A New Thing

Isaiah 43:19 has been on rolling repeat here in my corner of the world.  Sometimes, a soul just needs to remember that there are no limits to the resources of our Creator.  Sometimes, a soul just needs to be retold the truths of scripture, the truths of God's work in a life, the truths of God's immeasurable power.  That soul, oftentimes, is me.
It gets a little soft over time as these truths are often overlooked.  Even as an avid reader of Scripture, I can lose sight of the power resting between every letter.  I can overlook the depths of the richness waiting for me in the space between the verses and the punctuation.  This text and this flow is the very speech of God.    

I love the entire prose of chapter 43."But now" is the beginning of this lovely chapter.  Not just a simple now, rather an emphatic but now!  Right now, right here we are to take notice.  God is about to reveal Himself, and we don't want to miss it.  Right now He immediately reminds us that as believers we were created, formed, and redeemed.  We are not to fear regardless of any overtaking river in life.  We are not to be anxious when we are faced with fiery troubles.  He even goes beautifully deeper with the promise that we will not be consumed even in the raging fire.  I don't know about you, but that is one perfect promise to a weary, earthbound human!  

The promises continue to drip from the page.  Each one beautifully wrapped in hope from the Creator of my soul.  I am declared precious, honored, and loved.  And just like that He is pulling me deeper into His presence.  He has a heart-grasp on my life.  It is as if God and I are there together in that garden of perfect, and He is breathing life back into the deflated creature I have become.  I am precious because He declared it.  He created this soul and He treasures it.  I cannot forget this.  Believers cannot grow soft on the very truth that we are His handiwork.

He saves!  He speaks to the North and South, and He alters anything necessary in this created world to those He cherishes.  He divides the murky seas and creates passable ground.  He swallows armies with the same dark water  to ransom the hearts of those who trust Him.  He is mighty and fierce and altogether gentle and protective.  Under His wings, all of Earth can be summoned to His word!  God forbid that I should take this truth and alter it to a fairy-tale of long ago.  This was, is, and forever will be the rock-solid truth of the very One that knit my life together!  And even still, as if it could not get any better, like a jewel in the midst of this love letter to His own the truth expands: 
"Remember not the former things, nor consider the things of old.
Behold, I am doing a new thing; now it springs forth, do you not perceive it? I will make a way in the wilderness and rivers in the desert. (Isaiah 43:18-19 ESV)
Oh my friend, look at these words!  Forget what has already been done.  That is old news.  He is still in the business of creating new.  This same Savior has not reached the end of His abilities to rescue, redeem, and re-purpose.  Do you not perceive it? Do you not see that this is not the end of His outstretched hand?  These perfect displays of love are not the sum of His creativity to ransom the hearts of those that put their trust in Him.  Leave it to His almighty hand to bring life in a desert and escape in the wilderness.  Oh dear soul, if this does not cause a hallelujah to swell from the depths of your being, perhaps you have never tasted of the truth of a saving God!  

There is no consumable flame, no barren wasteland, no hopeless wilderness beyond His reach.   I know, often it is so difficult to discern His hand.  Our earthly lenses get cloudy and the heart gets weary.  Each day is full of things pulling and tugging.  Each day requires fresh resolve to push forward.  The body breaks down, the soul wrinkles, and the fire seems consumable.  We are weakened in the imperfect and the truth begins to soften.  Sometimes, it even becomes unrecognizable.  

But now, but NOW... wake to see these steadfast and full of glory promises!  A NEW thing, this Creator God is doing even now to display the grandeur of His love to the created souls He longs to rescue. The same God that brought the life of a giant to the hands of child is here waiting to do so for you and me.  The same Conqueror that displayed the reach of His power to a hardened Egyptian ruler through a simple, weak man is here to display His glory through all believers.  The One that gave sight to the blind and brought the very dead back to the living is offering life to weariest of modern souls.  Right now, right here He is doing a new thing.

Don't go any further a thirsty, weary traveler.  Don't wander any longer in the barren wasteland.  For just there, in this dry and empty place, flows a new river that can never run dry.  Oh that we all would just step into the water.

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