Monday, June 16, 2014

On The Edge...

On the edge of the Earth where the water meets the sky spans a vastness that pounds in the chest and echoes in the heart.  This mighty Creator God that kisses the sands with salty wave upon wave and wakes the day with golden sun, tugs my heart to keep looking and finding Him.  The grit of sand between my toes and the dash of the blue crab retreating in the rocks all point to Him.

The Lover of my soul.  

I stand in this moment while children splash and discover Conks and I know He is teaching me.  He is teaching me to slow my pace, feel His embrace, and marvel at the sand dollars brought to me by little hands.  

I know His touch...the God-touch that loves and instructs in each moment of time.  If I spy the moon over farmland fields or rising from the salty sea, this Creator God is knitting my days to see more clearly His love.  What love He has always had for me.  What love I sometimes forget.  What love He sheds upon us all.  

As I drive over the island bridges and return to the lights of the city we call home, I am softened yet again to remember.  Remember that as these days pass and freckles grow darker...that Creator God is loving this world.  To remember that He often chooses to show His love most through the hands and feet of His creation reaching out to others.  In corn fields, sandy beeches, and city streets His embrace stretches far and wide.  It is dripping with His unending love.

Unending Love....

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