Saturday, March 8, 2014

Where We Stand

First of all, many sweet thanks to the lovely emails and comments of encouragement and prayer.  This journey would be impossible if it were not for the massive amounts of love and support that has been shown on our behalf.  God truly shines through you all when you reach out to us.

So many have asked for more specific details of what we are dealing with concerning our situation.  I try to be sensitive to Kevin's privacy when I discus his health.  But I can certainly give an overview of where we were and where we are headed.

Kevin's immune system has decided to sort of go on strike.  It has also decided to attack healthy areas as well.  There is no known reason for this to happen.  He has been dealing with this for over two years.  The last year has really been the most difficult.  The biggest concern is his digestive system.  He is unable to retain most of his nutrients, and he has lost over 40 pounds.  He has been very dehydrated and just overall really sick.

He was hospitalized just a short while ago because he became ill with something the resembled the flu. This ordinary virus that would be a nuisance for most of us ended up swelling his entire throat shut.  There was some discussion that the medicine he was on to lesson the severity of his digestive issues may have caused some additional swelling.  We were discharged when he was able to regain the use of his throat and swallow.  However, we knew his other issues were still not being corrected.

After we were sent home, things were decent for a couple of days, and then he became even more sick than before.  After trying to handle things at home, his doctor readmitted him.  They are doing all they can do determine what is causing the troubles and to get him some relief.  They believe somewhere in the process he contracted an infection that is making things even worse.  The main form of treatment is to battle the inflammation using steroids.  While they are somewhat effective, they also cause some other issues with his sugar and with a lot of swelling.  They have done some biopsies and are waiting to see if this will give them more answers on a more effective form of treatment.

While he is getting some needed relief through IV meds, things are still sort of in limbo.  They are controlling the symptoms with medicines, but it is not curing the problem.  So, we wait.  We wait for test results and we wait to see what things work and what things do not.  There is a major surgical procedure that would most likely take care of things permanently, but it is not something that is considered until all options have been exhausted.  We hope to avoid that process, but mostly we just want Kevin to have the best chance of getting healthy.

We know it is a process. We feel like each step in the journey has brought us closer to the right people and the right procedures.  We struggle with having enough patience.  But we are hopeful for the right outcome.  We thank you for your love and prayers.  We feel encouraged knowing so many are praying for wisdom for the doctors and healing for Kev's body.

Thank you from our hearts!

B Charmer

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