Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Put on the Fancy Boots

I saw a man on Saturday bravely wearing a red pin-striped suit, black cowboy hat, and fancy jewel studded boots.  He was dressed to the nines in this "Vegas Cowboy" look.  He walked into the steakhouse like he owned the world.  There certainly was not a shortage of confidence in this fella.  Of course anyone capable of wearing this interesting ensemble probably had enough confidence for everyone in the room.  Never-mind the fact that the lady on his arm had no teeth!

At first, I wanted to chuckle.  It seemed so strange to see someone so boisterous walking around with such heirs.  But, then I thought to myself how fun this world would be if we all walked a little more comfortably in our own skin.  No doubt, many folks sitting around me that night would have loved to walked in feeling his confidence.

In all these difficult days that our family has encountered, I am learning more and more that life is too short to not wear the fancy boots.  My motto is becoming, "When you have a chance, just do it!".  It is easy to feel heavy under the pressures, difficulties, and various circumstances that living brings about in all of our lives.  There may be long spans of time where ridiculously fancy boots are not available or appropriate.  But when they are, don't hesitate for a second.

I believe our joy and happiness comes from choosing to look up.  God is the source of joy, and sometimes He is handing you the jeweled boots and red suit with a grin on His face.  He is just waiting for you to grab them with delight and take the town with your smile.  When we frown it away, or think of all the reasons we should not...we are passing up the chance for some brightness.

For me, I am learning that joy comes in lots of different forms.  Some days it might be fancy boots, and other days it might be one less prescription to pick up from the pharmacy.  But, joy is there for the taking.  Happiness is mine if I step into it, no matter what swirls around me.

So, if you happen to stop by our crazy home of ups and downs....don't be surprised...we might all be boot scootin' !

B Charmer

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