Monday, March 31, 2014

All Things

Right now everything seems to be in transition.  The trees are going through a wardrobe change.  It is almost as if a stunning wedding is about to begin and everyone is showing up in their cherry-blossom pinks and pearly-white-petal-soft gowns.  The ground is sprinkled with bits of pink and white floating off the branches.  Little yellow buds are slowly popping up, and the winged orchestra is flexing it's lovely chirp in preparation for this grand affair we call Summer.

I find myself painting my long-neglected fingernails and donning a new blossom blush on my winter white cheeks.   The coarse corduroys are slowly finding their way to rear of the closet, and lovely soft colors with shorter hem-lines are moving forward.  The freckles are darkening and the hair will soon lift a layer of dark red for a more subtle strawberry strand here and there. 

Fresh spring is in the air.  Fresh scents of warm mud and green grass.  Fresh thoughts of garden plots and Rhode Island Red chickens coming to live at our house.   New things.  New life.  New beginnings. 

Our hearts all need the Spring.  We all need to shed the heavy scales of winter weights.  We need to feel the blanket of new grass between our bare toes.  We need to remember that our Creator makes all things new.  Even in this world, in this body, and in these pressing times there is a bubbling, gurgling chuckle of the spring bursting from deep beneath the earth.  There is the promise of new, warm, sun-filled happiness. There is a call to the soul to remember that nothing can overshadow the mighty hand of the Creator.  No blanket of snow, no darkness of night, not bitterest of colds can stop the budding beauty of all things new.  

What Love the Father has for us....What grace beyond all measure.

May the dogwood's flower and the lily's beauty prick our hearts and stir our souls to remember His great love.  May the chirping robin be a stirring to tell the story.... He makes all things new!

B Charmer

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