Friday, January 17, 2014

Enjoy This

I was alone painting the walls of my new living room.  I had beautiful piano music playing in the background, and in that moment I felt so stirred to worship.  I was flooded with all the prayers, trials, and exhaustion that culminated into this little cottage that now bares our name.  This was a gift.  A gift from God above.  With each stroke of the brush, I whispered "thank you".  This small house means so much to our family.

When we moved to this city two years ago, we were desperate for a new beginning.  We needed a touch from God.  We were knee-deep in the dark valley of sickness.  We were unsure and a bit timid for the future.  We were alone.  It was just our little family embarking into the unknown trying to make a life for ourselves.  There were many sweet moments and many difficult moments.  In many ways it was like starting over.

For two years, life has sort of been in this state of limbo.  Our home still sat on second street, but strangers were living there.  Our lease in the city required routine thinking about renewing or moving.  We filled moving trucks, we emptied moving trucks.  We made some friends, we said goodbye to some friends.  The big boy began school, the little boy began talking.  Change of addresses, maps to new jobs, and being strangers in church were just a part of the new life.

God was faithful.  We grew into a better family.  We loved each other more deeply.  We trusted God more wholly.  We cried a few tears, but love always grew deeper with each day.

When I put more paint on my brush, I saw a glimpse of those past months and could only utter, "thank you".  We don't deserve the blessings that are given, but we are grateful.  This little place to put down a few roots means so much to us.  The way in which it all happened, and the feeling of God's good gifts were a bit overwhelming.

With every wall and baseboard being touched with paint, I prayed.  I asked God to bless these walls with laughter and love.  I asked Him to bring friends and family through the doors.  I asked Him for this little cottage to be a light in this corner of the city.  I asked Him to help me share this gift the way He intended me to.  I poured my heart out to Him in thanksgiving.  Bless these floors underfoot that they may provide shelter from the cold world.  Bless these stairs that little feet climbing might grow into Godly young men.  Bless this kitchen that love might be served with each meal.  Bless this fireplace that warmth would be felt to all who may enter.  Bless this bedroom that our marriage may grow in love in grace.  Bless these closets that I may see the big picture and not worry so about accumulating things, but freely give.  Bless this laundry room that I might be reminded of God's good gifts of provision.  Bless the yard that good fruits may grow.  Bless these porches that sweet music might be shared and many good stories heard.

Bless this that it can be a blessing.  Bless our lives, so that we can show your love and blessings to others.

I could feel the embrace of my Savior, and I heard His still voice calling to my heart to....Enjoy this.

B Charmer

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