Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Gold Among the Brown

Pumpkins in the cornfields

Gold among the brown

Leaves of rust and scarlet

trembling slowly down

Birds that travel Southward

Lovely time to play

Nothing is as pleasant

As an Autumn Day

                                        By Carmen Lagos Signes

Happy Autumn my friends~ B Charmer

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Crossing the Sahara

We were headed to church Sunday morning, and I wanted to remember these two just like this.  Some days these two little boys can exhaust me more than I thought humanly possibly.  Most days, I just think they grow too quickly.  Chasing a little one and keeping the big one from dreaded boredom is a lifestyle I now live.

It wasn't always.

I remember the moment I just "knew".  I was on a plane headed to Africa as a younger, single woman.  I remember it so clearly.  I was ready.  I was anxious to get settled and have a family.  I dreamed of things like grocery lists and buying tennis shoes for for the first day of school.  I had no idea what motherhood and being a wife really meant, but I wanted it.  I didn't know who Mr. Right would be, but I longed for him.  I knew that life was messy and rarely like any childhood fairy-tale, but I was OK with that.  I was ready to trade my traveling adventures for the adventure of family.  It was like an ache that couldn't be dismissed.  I tried, but I longed for that next step in life.  That desire tainted so many decisions and thoughts.  I even bought baby blankets in Africa for the someday baby I might someday have.

I couldn't have known what the journey would look like.  I never pictured two wiggly, red-headed boys to cradle and love.  I never would have guessed Mr. Right would be a county boy from South Carolina.  But I loved them so, even before I knew their names or saw their faces.  I loved them.  I felt the call in my heart to make this family.

Last night, I had a moment of instant transport to that memory of crossing the Sahara Desert.  I could almost hear the roar of the jets in my ear from that instant permanently etched in my mind.  Here I am in the midst of what was once so longed for.  It is isn't perfect.  But, it is beautiful.

I've come a long way since I crossed the Sahara.

B Charmer

Monday, October 7, 2013

I am sipping a hot cup of coffee in my favorite cup.  The rain is softly falling, and the hint of changing seasons soaks into the ground.  The tree just out my window seems to be in the midst of a wardrobe change.  The ruby red is peeking through summer's fading green sheath.  I love these Autumn moments.

I would love to skip over the peaks of the Tennessee Appalachians that once were my home.  Somewhere in the distance, I can hear the lovely and lonely dulcimer playing so softly.  There is a sound the trees make on the mountains.  They swish and sway to rhythm of the creek.  The Smoky Mountain mist settles into every bit of carpet moss, and my hair curls just thinking of it.

I should love to run my boys through the trees and wander a trail.  I would like to see the sparkle in their eyes as they stumble upon a little black bear sitting high in the trees.  Their hair would curl too in that Smokey mist.

My uncle used to say the mountain water made my hair red.  Maybe so.  That rocky, Smokey mountain water sort of stays in your bones.  No matter how far away you get, you hear the haunting call to find yourself back home.  


Home is in the hills of Tennessee.
B Charmer

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Ashwell Cottage

I am home today with a baby running fever.  He is so sweet and cuddly when he is not well.  He slows down and lingers in my lap.  While the lap time is sweet, I would be much happier to see him in his usual inquisitive two-year old form.  He is lounging on the sofa watching Sunny Patch.  It is a rarity for him to sit.

While he seems to be content to sit, I wanted to hop on here and say hello.  We have had lots of new things going on.  The biggest has been house hunting.  While living in the city apartment has been a good experience for us during these days, we are so ready to have a little space to call our own once again.  We are feeling the need to settle and make things more permanent for our family.  We have been hesitant because we still own our other home.  We have had a pretty smooth couple of years keeping it rented.  It's location on a college campus is ideal for maintaining a rental income.  We have tossed around the idea of selling, but it seems right now that it could be a long-term investment for us to maintain the home as rental property.  But, I will not lie.  It scares me to consider the thought of owning two homes!  But, after counsel from professionals, they seem to think we would be nuts not to keep it. So for now, we are keeping it.  It seems like a risk worth taking.

We have been, rather I have been, combing neighborhoods for the right fit for our family.  Oh, what a daunting task!  There are so many factors to consider when purchasing a home.  It is a giant, scary task.  I am picky, but I also see things for what they could become.  Those two things together can be a bit to handle.  I do not want a giant project again, but I hate to pass up a beauty that just needs a little love.  Then, there is budget.  I have sat a rather low budget.  Keeping two homes means being financially wise.  I do not want to overdo it and windup in a mess.  But, I want it to be home for a good, long while.  It is hard when the bank says you have more to spend, but your common sense knows that is not wise.  There is the constant battle of the mind that questions pure want over true needs.  I take this job very seriously.  I have lived in a small apartment for two years.  We have already learned to live quite simply.  That is a blessing.  When I am tempted to go after the giant kitchen or lovely great room, I remind myself that extra space is simply more to clean!

So, I found something.  Something that is much more room than an apartment but not too much room.  I found a sweet, little cottage with so much yard for my wild little boys.  There are things that are not perfect, but the coincidences that have come about with this home really make it seem like a very near perfect match.  The home is in short sale, so we know the process will be lengthy.  We are fine with that because we still have time on our lease.  It works quite well.  We have presented our offer and have been told it is a strong.  We are in the waiting game.  While it is a short sale, it is a long ordeal.  Should all go forward as we are hoping and expecting, it will be worth it.  Meanwhile, my brain is already spinning on the little projects we are planning.  The thoughts of being "home" feel quite nice.

Here is Ashwell cottage.  You all know I am quite the sucker for a cottage! The boys are excited as are we.  They have already made fast friends with a neighbor boy while we have viewed the property several times.

So, we wait to see if this will be home.  I have a good feeling it will be!

B Charmer

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