Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Hello, Friend

Let's catch up...

Oh, the back to school way of life is in full swing at our place.  I am back in the classroom!  I feel energized and excited to greet my students.  I love the sounds of pencils at work and the feel of piano keys under my fingers all day.  It truly is the little things.  It feels so good to be back!

I find myself having to resist the urge to purchase so many lovely school things.  I am a sucker for papers and clipboards.  I love all the fuss of the academic world.  I am also loving all my students and their perfectly plaid uniforms.  I have got to capture a picture of the little girls lined up for chapel.  Their plaid skirts, black Mary Jane's, and white ruffle socks are just too perfect.  It makes my heart skip beats.  The little boys wear their matching ties and vests and the cuteness is just overflowing.

I am in the throws of figuring out all the new routines.  Back to school seems more the time to implement new year's resolutions for me.  By January, I am half-way through the course of a year and a bit set in my ways for the endurance of that season.  So, I am really trying to capture the time to set some new and better habits.  If I could just find the extra energy required to do it all, it would be a breeze!

Also, I got a package in the mail from Moody Publishers with two great books to review.  I am so excited to get them read and reviewed.  I will be sharing my reviews here, on B Charmer, and I hope you will be encouraged to read these books.  One of the books is a bit "spicy", if I do say so, but a neat look at passion in the life of a Christian woman.  So, if you need some spice in your life, you'll want to hear about this book!

So, I am working on my very first crochet project!  I am loving it.  The funny thing is, I have no pattern.  I am just creating it as I go.  I try to pick up my needle a little everyday.  Even though the craziness seems to be abounding in all the new routine.  A little time with my yarn before bed is so nice.  It feels so good to finally be able to do it, and it look right!  I think I am making myself a fall clutch of sorts...for now anyways!

The boys are growing like weeds, as usual.  I am having to cook more and more with each meal.  Their tummies are already proving to be bottomless pits.  Luckily, my husband has already stocked our freezer with one nice buck.  He hopes to add to it.  This helps so much with our meals.  I am learning to truly love venison.  It is very good for us, and if it is prepared correctly it tastes wonderful! We tried a few new things from the processor this time.  I am looking forward to using our venison bacon for breakfast this weekend.  I will be sure to tell you how that goes.

We are also gearing  up for an alligator hunt.  Yes, alligator.  I am not hunting, but my husband finally got his tag to hunt from our state's lottery system.  He is very excited.  I am warming up to the idea.  I suppose I will be learning some new gator recipes.  Nowhere in my younger days was this on my list of things I had hoped to accomplish in life, but I am up for most anything.  Move over Pioneer Woman, B Charmer is grilling up some gator!

Look at this baby.  Can you believe how he is growing?  His blue eyes are just my weak spot.  He loves to walk with me.  How I treasure our walks....

I hope your back-to-school life is going smoothly.  We are enjoying the cooling down of the days.  I for one am longing for sweater season....

Talk with you soon, my friends!

B Charmer

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