Monday, September 9, 2013

Hanging On

Have you ever taken a journey with God?  I mean the kind of journey that rocks you to your core and leaves you teetering on the brink of complete happiness and utmost fear.  When they come along, they are sometimes unrecognizable in the beginning.  They seem like a simple decision being made or a step one way or the other down life's path.  Then, before you know it, you are like the new baby trying out her legs for the first time.  You wobble, you fear, you trust, you step, you fall.  He smiles and reassures you of His goodness. You pull yourself up.  You grip His hands so tightly.  Eventually, you trust enough in yourself and Him to try stepping again.  You wobble, you get a few steps further, you look down, you fear, you fall.  The cycle seems endless.

Each day you wobble your way through what feels like a million baby steps.  You wonder if you will ever really get very far.  You wonder if you will ever be able to walk without clinging to His fingertips for stability.  You wobble and you fall.  You get back up, and you do it all again.  

Somewhere in the wobbles and falls, the pull-ups and the baby steps, you notice your legs becoming more steady.  They aren't so wobbly.  They have a bit more coordination and strength.  It feels like you might be ready to take a few solo steps.  You hold your breath, you wobble a bit, then you stick your chin up and gloriously take off on your own.  Look at you!  You are walking.  Then, almost as quickly as it begins, it ends.  You're down again.  The fall hurts more because you didn't have His hands to steady and lighten the impact.  You decide to stay down.  Walking is just too hard.

For a long time, crawling has worked just fine.  Do you really need to know how to walk?  I mean, you can get just about anywhere you want scooting along on your knees.  So what if you are slow?  So what if your view is mostly of the floor?  It's OK.

For awhile it is OK to stay low.  But soon, and very soon, the passion in your heart burns for the freedom that walking promises.  Perhaps, you might even run someday.  You know the only way to running is through walking first.  You hold out your hands and wait for His to steady you on your feet.  You begin your wobbly steps again.  Again and again you wobble and fall, but that is OK.  You have running dreams now deeply rooted in your heart.  You are aiming high.  Your view is no longer the floor.  Things are looking up.  

You let go, and this time there are no falls.  You found balance.  You found strength.  You trusted His guidance to lead you to the point where He no longer has to hold your hand.  He now walks beside you.  Your strides are matching.  And it is then, and only then, you know the journey has just truly began. 

Learning to take steps was just the tip of walking this path with Him.  The future promises mountain hikes and steep descents into the valleys.  There may be walks along the shore, sprints in pouring rain, and desperate steps through blistering heat.  You are certain there will be long, snowy days that will wear you and chill you to the bone.  You know that there might also be falls.  The path gets pretty tricky the longer it winds. But it is worth it.  The walk, the journey with Him, is the most beautiful adventure you have ever taken.

Running with Him, the Creator of this Universe, the very One who ordered your steps is your trail buddy.  He never leaves your side.  He pulls you back from the slippery slopes.  He warms you on the coldest nights.  

There are times that the journey becomes silent. His presence is still there, but He keeps quiet as the miles pass.  You say little, and He says little.  It is quiet.  You think about going it on your own.  You wonder if it is necessary to have Him always along.  But, you know very clearly that it is always necessary.  Even in the quiet, He must be there.  He started the journey with you, He brought the strength to your legs for running this race, and in a mere moment He can scoop you up if needed.  And I can assure you, it will be needed.

A journey.  A lifetime.  Running with the God of this universe.  Hang on for the ride of your life.

B Charmer

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