Thursday, August 8, 2013

The Work of Bees

If you garden, you understand the work of bees.  They buzz and toil in the blooms throughout the day.  They are quite focused little creatures.  I have been watering and pruning oftentimes, and I find the Basil bees in my hand.  I haven't been stung, yet.  They seem so keenly aware of the task at hand, that stinging is left for other days and other places.  When I see fruit on the vines, I nod a thank you to the bees.  Where would I be without the bees? I owe much of my gardening successes to the bees.  These tiny, busy creatures are so important to the ebb and flow of growing things. 

I would like to think I share qualities with the bees, but I am often humbled by their dedication.  God did a beautiful thing when he created them.  Often they go unnoticed, but any garden feels their absence deeply.  They are so small, easily crushed, and susceptible to the elements.  However, they never seem daunted by the obstacles that stand in the way of their duty. Their dedicated work produces such lovely results.  Colorful blooms and delicious fruits abound---if you're lucky to get the work of bees.  And I haven't even mentioned honey.

My heart is tendered by the bee.  They know their place and their calling.  They buzz and toil bringing the beauty of spring and summer.  The bee may be small, but it sure is mighty.  I sit writing my thoughts, and I hear the bees buzzing in the blooms.  I have watermelons on the vine and pumpkins coming soon because of their buzzing.  Their little bodies are floating in and out blossoms, and I think about the loveliness of my Creator.  He teaches me so much when I take the time to notice things, even the buzz of the bee. 

B Charmer

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