Monday, August 12, 2013

One Step Along


Something so simple as a bit of rushing water and the canopy of trees can feel like a refuge.  I have had so many lovely things to look at this summer.  Grateful, for sure.  Still, I find myself wandering back into old byways of decisions and thoughts.  Some days I avoid familiar stressful paths, and other days I find myself walking them before I know it.  Why do we people always want to add unnecessary burdens to an already lightened load?  I cannot know the answer.  I can only know that sometimes, I have to be very intentional not to wander those old worn trails that lead to things that do nothing but weary my heart.  When I feel that urge to wander, I take a long deep breath of the outside air.  I look at simple things like the blossoms in the garden.  I feel the warmth of the sun and know that my path needs to be walked one step at a time.  

So, I get back on the trail meant for me.  Really, that is the only one that will work.  Nothing else really can suffice like the one God hand-picked for this girl.

B Charmer

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