Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Baby Steps

Well, I did it.  I have the domain and the B Charmer Facebook page.  Thanks so very much for all the "likes" on the page launch!  It was truly heartwarming.  If you are a B Charmer reader and would like to follow the Facebook page, there is a badge at the top right-hand corner of this page to click.  Click on the badge and you will find yourself on the B Charmer page.  I hope to see many of you there!  I find that many of you interact with me much more frequently on Facebook, so why not make a page? You can share as much as you want on that page.  I like to think of it as my virtual kitchen table.  The place where we can swap thoughts, pictures, recipes, and encouragement.

So, why all the fuss?  Well, sometimes you just have to kick it into high gear.  I am feeling quite certain that it is time to write more.  Doors are cracking open, and I want to be prepared.  Sometimes the weight of not knowing everything, fighting with grammar, and my reserved personality get in the way of me reaching some goals I have had for a long time.  I am learning to walk a bit more boldly with the gifts I have. Writing is a love, and words are my friends.  I figure if God put the love in my heart, then I better put some feet to this thing and do something with it.  I will leave the outcome to Him.

The encouragement from you, my readers, has been the sweetest gift.  The old adage that there is strength in numbers really is true.  Sometime tonight or tomorrow, this page will hit 30,000 page views....uh what??? Thirty thousand is just unbelievable to me.  When I first started this whole thing, I was like a kid sending notes to Santa.  Me and the world wide web all alone writing little bits of this and that.  Now, today, it is a different story.  Every time my tablet or phone dings from a reader, my heart warms.  You inspire me to keep honing the craft.  So, I keep on keeping on, and I am loving it every step of the way. I would have written to nobody forever, because I just love writing.   But knowing that there are somebodies out there following this journey is a sweet treasure.  I do not take that for granted.

Memories of late, late nights with a new baby in my arms and typing with one hand flood my thoughts when I think about the beginning.  My old house full of bad plumbing and fireplaces was the backdrop of many thoughts.  The little school house I worked in found me writing a bit here and there.  Play-lands with WiFi and a coffee shop here and there have all been perfectly good places to tell my stories.  The breaks in the office and the outdoor picnic tables gave me space to breathe.  Today, I sit on the patio in a city apartment.  I watch the hummingbirds feed and think how completely over-joyed I am not sitting at that old desk downtown.  Somehow this little writing thing just fits.

One baby step at a time.  One story after another.  Late nights and warm afternoons. You'll find me here....writing.

Thank you, my friends.

B Charmer

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