Saturday, August 17, 2013

A Country Garden

A lovely place I was able to visit recently was Boardman Park.  Lovely, lovely place.  Near one entrance, a homestead has been preserved.  The gardens have been maintained as well as the home.  Just over the ridge, the town sits busying along.  But in this preserved space, the country garden comes alive.

What is it about a flower bed that reminds me of my Grandma Richmond?  She loved flowers, and her simple home in the hills of Ohio spoke true to the lovely atmosphere of the country garden.  She had her flowers and her vegetable patch.  She lost her husband early in life and her gardens were not just something she enjoyed, but something quite necessary to the well-being of her family.  Some of my very sweetest memories in life were eating from her garden.  Grandma was picky about her garden, and we were not allowed in it much. She did the picking.  We broke the beans, and she cooked the deliciousness that grew.  Our plates would be full of food, and sometimes it was nothing more than vegetables.  If there were ever a time one could taste colors, it was when she would serve her garden treasures.

Sometimes, we would climb the hill and pick the blackberries that grew thick on her ridge.  We would bring them back to the kitchen and she would work her magic.  Blackberry cobbler was her specialty, in my eyes. She would make a large cobbler for the family, but many times she would make individual ones for the children.  She would use the lids of her canning jars as tiny pie plates.  When the oven finally finished baking, there waiting to be devoured was a tiny cobbler just for me.

When I see a lovely country garden, I remember sweet times.  I know that I am one lucky girl.  The love and goodness passed down to me from both sides of my family is a blessing that I truly treasure.  I hope that I too can resemble my rich  heritage in some small way in my life.  Perhaps, I might have to make my own tiny cobblers in jar lids.  I think that would be a good start at  passing down the goodness.  You know, even as a child, I always knew that there was a lot of love baked in those tiny treasures.

I'd love to know what you are passing down...

B Charmer

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