Friday, July 26, 2013

Sheep In The Meadow-Amish Country

This summer has been peaceful.  Traveling through the countryside is refreshing.  Sheep in the meadow is soul soothing.  They are quiet and calm.  They graze and rest.  They enjoy the warmth of July on their summer backs. 

Little stacks of hay dot the rolling hills as the farmers prepare for the changing seasons.  I watched some farmers working on this task.  It was humbling to see their labor. 

Farm land and lovely homes were as far as the eye could wander.  Men and boys, busy in the fields, were tending to their crops and animals to keep the circle of life going.  Horse and buggy riders were a frequent pass on the two lane road we traveled.  Many buggies driven by small boys carried loads of children. 

A simple place.  A simple life.  Sheep in the meadow and a barn full of hay.

B Charmer


  1. Love these pictures.Just beautiful and calming at the same time.


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