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One of my very favorite things about traveling by car is the freedom it provides to enjoy little stops along the way.  We traveled many hours to visit my brother and his family in Ohio.  Along the way, we walked the streets of many lovely towns.  I was enamored by the lush green of it all.  There is something so very emerald about a place that spends the winter under a snow blanket.  The spring and summer is just unbelievably green. I felt if I stood very long in one spot, I too might sprout little green buds.  You can just feel the green growing all around.  It is like a blanket of earth that is so very beautiful. 

This lovely little town is Poland, Ohio.  We visited near the fourth of July.  Amidst the green were hundreds of flags in all shapes and sizes in celebration of our country's freedom.  Homes and businesses were hosts to many patriotic tributes.  Little flags lined streets and windows.  It was sweet and made me long for a bit more fuss and frill here in the south for this holiday. 

However, the single most lovely thing in this town was the public library.  Can you believe we went to the public library on vacation?  Well, it isn't all that random for us...especially when you see one so very beautiful as this library.  It was something to be seen.  The details in the architecture and the beautiful windows were captivating.  Just walking through the door was inspiration to grab a stack of books and cozy up to the windows and read.  There was a large creek running by one side.  The reading room was just above the creek, so you could see and hear the water rushing by.  The shelves, lantern style lights, and the lovely tables were reminiscent of something quite nautical.  It was just stunning.  If I lived in Poland, I would live at the library as often as possible.

We left the library, enjoyed a snack at the Village Pantry, and found our way to another town.  But I loved little Poland.  I wouldn't mind a cottage there full of the green things all around.  And of course....within walking distance of the library.

B Charmer

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