Tuesday, July 23, 2013

A Long Pause

Life has changed.  It is good.  I longed for time to be with my family.  I longed for time to do things important to me... and for this moment in life.... I have that time.  It has been sweet and very full of travels.  I have seen dear ones that I have so missed seeing.  I have lingered over cups of coffee, and I have slept till the little ones awakened me.  I have watered flowers, picked vegetables from different gardens, and happily washed a mountain of dishes in more than one sink.  I have spent hours in the car, shared a bed with my wiggly boys, and have marveled at the green countryside.  I have visited six states in the good ole USA, and I have eaten donuts in just about every one! It has been so good.  A long pause that was so very needed.

I have hundreds of pictures just waiting to be shared.  There are stories that go with each one.  But today, I just wanted to say hello to you, my friends.  I am eager to get back at all things B Charmer.  I have some little plans in the works.  I can't wait to share some stories of the past month.  Suffice it to say, I am so glad I made that leap from the office to home.  I am so thankful for this moment in time where I can pause and be a better version of me.  It is so very sweet. Those days I spent fearing the change taught me so many things about trusting My Creator and His promises.  He is good.  Truly.

Of course, I  must share a few snapshots.  Me and the boys spent many, many hours in this backseat traversing the countryside.

We had lots of time with cousins and family.

So many good hugs were shared.
And...some very delicious treats along the way.

 Ahh...it is good to be, just be...for a long pause.
B Charmer

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