Monday, June 3, 2013

The Finish Line

It was a bittersweet moment.  My little one was on stage in his performance culminating his first year of schooling.  The children were superb.  The stage props were excellent, the program was a blast, but I couldn't help think about the year this has been.  We have been on a roller coaster this school year.  My eyes were quite teary, not for sadness of his growing, but for the days that we have spent getting to this moment. 

I was thinking about that first day when I took him to school.  He got sick in the parking lot, but he still walked in like a champ and began his schooling journey.  Little did he know how anxious I was.  I was working a job that would take most of my time.  He was starting his new journey.  I was enrolling the baby in daycare.  We had just moved to the area.  We were all in a state of whirlwind and shock. My husband was still in the recovery process and still in the depths of his eye treatments. 

The days were crazy getting everyone used to our new life.  The mornings were like a Chinese fire drill loading and unloading my children, their bags, their lunch boxes, and the neighbor's girls all piled into the car.  I remember thinking I may just not survive this year. 

The evenings brought us through the door hungry and weary.  After supper, we often scurried to ready for the next day then crashed for the night.  Weekends were spent getting the laundry ready, the school projects complete, and the pantry stocked for another week of chaos.

But, now there he stood singing his little heart out.  He was all smiles and quite proud of his accomplishments.   I was breathing a deep sigh.  We made it.  We have survived.  Oh, the lessons we have learned in faith and hope.  We have come quite a distance as a little family.  The tears were hard to hold back.  The journey has been full of new things.  We have moved a second time since the  year began.  We have made new friends, and we have chartered a new course together.


I loaded him in the truck this morning for his last Monday of the school year.  We both giggled at the thought that we only have four more mornings to wake and go through the routine that the year has brought us.  I will mostly likely work this week and next, but the boys will start summer break on Friday afternoon.  I cannot tell you how thrilled I am to be at this point.  To know that this year of difficulty is nearly under our belts.  God was faithful to see us through.  The boys have grown.  Kevin's eyes are still healing.  We have accomplished our financial goals to allow me to leave my job.  We are on the last downhill thrill of the roller coaster.  We have our hands up squealing with delight.  We are nearly there!

From the very first day....

To the end of the year....

We made it together!

B Charmer

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