Monday, June 24, 2013


I am listening to the rain and rumble of thunder.  The house is a bit darker from the storm.  I have piano music playing in the background and a nearly empty cup of coffee on the table.  I am filled with so many thoughts today.  Good thoughts. 

Sometimes I think of all the things that life brings and wonder about their meanings.  Sometimes, I get frustrated and anxious.  I might feel a bit defeated, at times.  Some moments I am completely filled with joy and wonder.  Any day can bring a million changes and decisions.  A year of life can begin and end so very differently. The road is always winding.  Always.

I was sitting in church yesterday morning with a million thoughts whirling in my head.  I was thinking about the past and the present.  How the journeys of yesterday brought me to the present moment in life.  I thought of how many prayers that I have prayed that have been answered in my favor, and how many times I have been told a very clear "no".  I thought of how many times that I have compared my life to others or compared my current situation with what might have been, you know, if only....

I was left with a very clear, pristine thought.  It is hard to even put words to it, but I was certain that life's twists and turns are very purposeful.  That past decisions and even mistakes are woven into a very beautiful tapestry.  There are bumps and bruises.  There are failures and heartbreaks.  The road is winding and scenic.  There are stops along the way.  There are times the road changes course, but I truly believe the best is always to come. 

My wish is that I, and all of us, can learn to embrace our journey.  I hope we can embrace the people that we are and find comfort in our own woven journeys.  I hope we can all find a way to make peace with ourselves and enjoy the ride.  It is a beautiful ride....bumps and all.  And when the rains come, and they will come, I hope we can feel the promise that they bring and not worry so over the moment of darkness and rumble of thunder.  I hope we can feel the growth sure to be ahead, feel the cool and refreshing promise of a future, and enjoy the pause as the showers fall. 

B Charmer

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