Tuesday, June 11, 2013

How Does Your Garden Grow?

A few, little shots of some garden growth.  Despite the torrential rains, the plants are doing overall pretty well.  We have been eating tomatoes and have several strawberries growing quite well.  My  watermelon vine seems to grow six inches everyday.  We have the promise of our purple bell peppers growing well.  The squash and cucumbers are multiplying.  Overall, the garden is doing quite well.  My neighbors probably think I am the kooky woman on the block with my makeshift vegetable garden.  I don't mind.  I enjoy my time with my plants.  I am wanting to add some more things and colors soon.  Maybe this weekend will afford me a trip to the nursery.

Gardening is quite therapeutic.  Those that dig in the dirt seem to share those sentiments.  It is nothing short of amazing watching plants take off and bear fruit.  I feel I have to wage war on the pests and make friends with the lizards.  I find myself frequently tending to my plants both on my patio and out in my courtyard space.  I enjoy it so very much.  Right now, the ants and the water are my biggest concerns.  I have been battling ants quite a bit.  I am going to try a natural pesticide made from jalapeno pepper, garlic, onion, and a bit of dish soap.  I hope that does the trick.

With the tropical storm, water has been in abundance.  Usually that is a very good thing for the hot south.  However, it can be too much.  It has been too much.  I fear I have lost one flowering plant.  I have done everything I can to rescue it from it's overload of water.  Still, I am not seeing signs of life.  Last night I dug it up to help bring air to the root ball in hopes that might be a last ditch effort.  I read and read, and this was the final thing to try.  So, we shall see.  It isn't anything too terribly important, but I hate to see it die.

I can't wait to piddle more with plants through the summer months.  It does my little heart good.

B Charmer

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  1. Being the kooky woman is just fine! It looks beautiful. What are the ant getting into?


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