Thursday, June 20, 2013

Around The Home

To say I am enjoying my new found freedom would be quite the understatement.  The feeling of time off without a deadline to return to something is quite possibly one of life's greatest feelings.  My children and my little home just feel so perfectly sweet right now.  Thankful is a feeling I cannot seem to put into words.  I am only on day four with endless days ahead.  So grateful.

The garden keeps me tickled.  I have beans to plant today.  I need to get them in the dirt right away. I am also trying my hand at pumpkins.  The boys are already planning their jack-o-lanterns.  I hope they grow.

The purple bell peppers are doing so well.  We have one almost ready to eat.  I am looking forward to tasting this treat for the eyes.  I have heard they are quite yummy.  We also have a fast-growing ever-bearing strawberry plant that is doing well.  The boys are thrilled at the prospects of berry eating today. 
Yesterday, I had fun working in my bathroom.  I have this desire to whip this house into great shape.  I love to organize, but I am trying to do so using only the things I already have.  It takes a bit of creativity, but I am enjoying the challenge.  I decided to use two small baking dishes that I never use for baking to help tidy my makeup drawer.  I also put to use a herb planter for a toothbrush cup.  I had fun with a roll of shelf paper that I had bought almost a year ago.  I feel better already being in the bathroom. 

Today, I must plant the beans and pumpkins.  I have a trip planned to a new grocery in search of some things that make preparing gluten-free things for my husband a little easier.  And, we may even take a swim in the pool.  We have our neighborhood Bible study tonight, and I am planning to make some tasty treats for that.  I think we are meeting by the pool again so the littles can splash and play while we older ones chat and learn. 
Grateful.  Very much grateful for this season of life.
B Charmer

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