Thursday, June 6, 2013

A Little Obsessed

Do you have trouble finding clothes you like?  I know I do.  They never seem to fit well,  the pattern is not right, or the cut is all wrong.  It is a bit embarrassing how long it has been since I have really gone shopping for myself.  Like once last year, I bought a pair of pants and 3 shirts.  That's it.  Once last year I went shopping.  I know...what is wrong with me?  A younger version of myself was quite the shopper, deal finder, and fashion lover.  Now, I just put on whatever is clean, wrinkle-free, and work appropriate.  And, I have been working all year in a law firm where everyone dresses unbelievably well.  They must pity me.  Oh well, I can't help it.  I am stuck in this gap between petites and misses.  Misses clothing is generally too long.  The sleeves go past my wrist, the hem line on the pants drag the floor, and those v-neck cuts on the bodice belong to someone more endowed than me!  The petites look like I shrunk my pants in the dryer.  The waistlines on the dresses are just a bit high, and my shoulders are a tad too broad for most of those sizes.  It just frustrates me, and I put off shopping for as long as possible. 

My mother is an incredible seamstress.  As a girl, she handmade all of my dresses, and I do mean all.  I had the occasional store-bought dress, but most were her originals.  I had no idea growing up what a treasure that was.  Everything always fit perfectly.  Of course, I dreaded the fittings and the pinnings.  I hated standing still and holding up my arms.  But I would LOVE to have my own personal seamstress now!  I have dabbled in sewing.  I can run the machine and hem things.  I have made aprons, curtains, and other things.  I have never attempted to make my own clothes.  I think it is time.  If mom will be patient with me and try to teach me more of her skills, I think I can do it.

You see, my mother is the most detailed person I have ever know.  She is a pattern expert.  She follows every step and process.  Her finished garments make store-bought things look cheap.  She follows all the rules.  I am more of a renegade.  I will cut some off here, put a seam here, or maybe add a bow for fun.  We always chuckle at our differences.  Some times we bump heads because I just want to get creative and she just wants to follow the process to the end. 

I keep thinking, If I can inherit enough of her skills and finished quality, yet maintain my creativity, then I might just be able to make some really fun pieces.  I have been a bit obsessed looking at patterns online.  I am so drawn to dresses.  Maybe, it is because I had so many as a child. I like having a complete outfit in one swoop.  Dresses can be comfortable and easy.  They are super feminine.  I just like dresses.  Don't get me wrong, this girl loves her jeans.  But, if I had lots of fun dresses to choose from everyday I would be so happy.  Simple dresses that I could do all the normal house stuff in.  Nothing stuffy or fancy for me.  I just like simple. 

Here are some patterns that I have been eyeing. I love vintage patterns. 

Oh, for sure if I get one made I will share the results!  Then, when I get really good, I might just have to make a few things for my husband.  I think he would appreciate these!  One pattern for a night gown and golf outfit!   Ba ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!

Perhaps he would prefer a new suit instead.

And anytime we could match, I am sure he would be delighted!

But for something truly special, I would make him his own western wear. 

Oh, that was fun.  Enjoy your Thursday friends!!
B Charmer

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