Tuesday, May 28, 2013

When We Can See Answers

The past week has been full of good things.  We are continually blessed with new friendships in our new neighborhood.  The boys have more friends than I can count.  Amazingly, so far all of our neighbors have little boys.  Boys on bikes, boys in the dirt, and boys in the woods are the makings of most of our days.  They play as long as there is daylight, and then even more if we mommies allow.

Recently, we began a family Bible study with some of the families in the community.  We met outside under an umbrella.  We shared food, stories, and encouragement.  The kids ran and played in the yard while 3 families and a pastor shared time learning truths about God's word.  It was such a nice time.  We have decided to meet again, and hopefully our little group will grow.  It felt like an answer to a prayer.

I put my notice in at work.  As scary as it was, I have felt such sweet peace for the past few days.  I got a surprise note from a a far-away friend that just added to the goodness.  They did not know of my plans, and their words were so very fitting.  It felt like another answer.  Being remembered is always a good thing.

So often, we pray for things and wonder if or when the answers will come.  I have prayed so long for good friendships for our family, peace for where we lived, faith in God's care of us.  I have prayed for opportunities to be a light.  I have prayed and prayed.  I think I forget sometimes to notice His many answers.  Sometimes, the answers are so visible, praise is inevitable. 

Lately, I can see His answers all around me. 

B Charmer

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