Friday, May 17, 2013

My Daddy

May 17 is a special day.  It is my daddy's birthday.  Daddies hold a very special place in the heart's of their daughters.  Mine is no exception. 

Can I tell you about him?

My daddy can fix anything.  I have never once doubted his super powers to fix things.  He has fixed so many things in my lifetime.  This very moment I could call him up and make whatever noise I could think of, and he could pretty much tell me what is wrong with a car.  I will never forget when he called me in college and told me he had found me a new car.  I was so excited.  I made the hours long trip home only to see an ole banged up car that needed a door and other parts.  I remember him telling me to trust him.  I did, and he made that car beautiful for me.  I knew in my heart he would come through.

He taught me to roller skate, push a lawn mower, and how to make a whistle with my hands.  He played hours of ping pong with me during many long hospital stays.  He taught me to drive and helped me build countless snowmen.  He even worked in concessions stands as a band booster so I could enjoy the football games all through high school.  He let me see all the airplanes at his work and  let me fly in them a couple of times.

He taught me patience and persistence.  He taught me to keep trying till I figured it out.  He showed me that things were not all that complicated if I just took them apart one by one.  He worked with his hands and his heart.  He was always doing for others and teaching me life lessons at the same time. 

He made old houses new.  He made cars sparkle.  He made me giggle.  He worked very hard for our family.  He loved my mom with his whole heart.  He gave and gave and gave and never asked for anything in return.  He was and is a very, good man.  He is tender and kind but strong and fearless.  He is a superb story teller and excellent in the kitchen. 

He loves my children and cares for them like they are his own.  He is a bit of a superhero to them.  They think the world of their grandad, and I love that so very much.  He spends time with them on the phone, time with them in trees, and gives special rides in the convertible.  He tickles them, fights with them, and lets them crawl into bed when they stay over. 

But do you know the best thing about my dad?  He is that way to every person I know.  He is at the age that he could be thinking about retirement.  He could be gearing up to spend his days leisurely piddling around the house.  But, he is isn't.  Right now, he is working so very hard as the director of a Home for Children in rural South Carolina.  This job is no easy task.  He is the face and heart for a place that gives a home to children whose family can not, or will not, care for them.  He spends his weekends traveling and telling their stories so that they can have a home.  He spends his week days being their advocate and voice in a world that is little help to them.  He has a million obstacles in his way, but I know he is taking them one by one just like he taught me to do when I was a girl.  It is job that could weary the strongest of souls and try the patience of the greatest warrior.  But daddy, he just does the work.  Every day, every trip, every phone call, he does the work.  One task at a time and he is keeping the wheels turning so that these sweet, little faces have a foothold in this crazy world.

I wrote a song for him that I sang to him when he walked me down the aisle in my wedding.  It was a surprise to all that attended, even him.  The words have stayed true as the years have passed.  Here is just the chorus, I have been humming it all day...

Daddy, I will always be that little girl on your knee
singing silly songs in the back seat of the car
Daddy, our lives often change
but some things stay the same
One of those is the love between our hearts
That will never change.  I will always love him.  I will always trust him.  And I will always be proud of him.  He is my daddy, my very own real-life superhero.  I am so glad he hasn't put his cape away, yet.  He is still in the business of saving the day, one little heart at a time.

Happy Birthday Daddy.

B Charmer


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