Wednesday, May 22, 2013

I Did

I have been quiet for a bit.  I tried to write yesterday, but there were just no great stories to tell.  I have been thinking.  The days are swirling by.  My oldest is finishing his very first year of school.  The baby is talking non-stop, and I think I found a new wrinkle around my left eye.  Time moves so very swiftly.  I wonder how long I can call the baby, the baby?  Forever, I suppose. 

How long will I wait to do things I love?  How long will I think I have time?  Do you ask yourself those questions?  I certainly do from time to time.  Seize the day is how I think, but is it how I live?  Sometimes, I feel like the day seizes me.  That, for sure, isn't very motivational. 

I packed all the daily bags for school, preschool, and work.  I threw my purse on my shoulder and grabbed my keys and the baby's sippy-cup.  Everyone was sent on their way.  Kisses were given and hugs were shared.  I took the elevator up.  I turned on my computer at work and began the task of processing endless checks. The world turns, business takes place, and people move and busy themselves all around me. 

I sighed.  It was time.  It was scary and difficult.  With a bit of an anxious heart, I turned in my notice.

I must seize the day...I am done being seized by it.  It has been quite the year. There are still a few days left of elevators and lipstick. A few more days of countless check writing.  A few more days of looking at the world from the fifteenth floor.  Then, I will ride down one last time.  I will step out into the sunshine and figure it all out again.

What is next?  Who knows?  But, I am sure the stories will be plenty.  There will be much to write.

B Charmer

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