Wednesday, May 8, 2013

How Do You Do It?

As the days grow longer, my evening hours seem to shrink.  I am trying to put too much into them, and I know it.  But, when time is so very precious, it is hard not to.  There is garden digging, bike riding, dinner making, bath taking, dish cleaning, car racing, book reading, coffee making, porch sweeping, boo boo kissing, news watching, and a little tiny bit of sleep taking.  I do believe that after six, the hours go triple speed. 

I am not sure how others do it.  I am not sure how to be this person that works full time, tries to mother as much as I possibly can, keeps the laundry current, and still has time to just breathe.  I feel sometimes the task is just impossible.  Not impossible to muddle through, but impossible to do it all well and still manage to get more than four hours of sleep.  I keep thinking if I were more disciplined, this all could be done.  I just don't seem to have time to be more disciplined.  How is that possible? 

I know the trick is to prioritize.  I get it.  I do try to do that very much.  The things that are of least importance, I try to push to the bottom of the list.  But, then there is the need to just have some free, wild hours of nothingness to water flowers and walk the neighborhood.  Those things can be terribly important, too. 

I try to get all the necessities of life done, spend time with my children, and then after 10, I do all the other things that are important to me.  Often times, I wake in the morning curled up on the sofa from where I simply crashed the night before.  I am watching the news, updating the blog, and letting another load of laundry dry.  I might catch the tale-end of a cooking show, while taking the commercial breaks as a time to go water the vegetables.  I plan the lunch box for the morning, try to get out a carpet stain, and wash couch cushions.  I look up healthy recipes that might be good for the husband.  I try to do all these things while the rest are sleeping.  Then suddenly, I hear the elephant-like clomping over-head from our upstairs neighbors.  They get up every morning promptly at six.  I hear them, and I am awake.  I open my eyes to see that the news is still playing softly in the background, and there is a dead iPad in my lap.  I still have on my glasses, and there is a printout in my hands of a weekly house-cleaning chart that I think might help the madness.  But, it is time to get up and get it all started...again.

I am just curious.  Those of you that live a similar lifestyle, how do you do it?  When do you sleep?  Is there some sort of magic wand for mothers I can purchase? 

 B Charmer


  1. I wish I had some advice but unfortunately, I am right there with you asking them same do I get it all done and find time to rest???

    1. ...And you have twins! I guess we just hang on for the ride!


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