Monday, May 20, 2013

Going Home

We took the quickest trip back home to Tennessee.  My, how I miss it.  The cool, rainy mountains are always a welcome site. I never thought I would be gone this long from Tennessee.   I miss the mountains, the green hillsides lush with thousands of wild flowers, and the feel of the clover-filled grass.  It is a hard thing to miss.  But, coming back, even for mere moments, feels good.

The boys loved the hills.  The baby told me all the way into the city this morning that we needed to turn around and go back to the mountains.  How I wish I could....

We had a lovely visit. We all wanted to stay longer. I am so thrilled that my love -loves Tennessee like I do. Maybe one day we will settle back in these hills....mabye.

B Charmer

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