Thursday, May 23, 2013


Simple things really are quite sweet. 

My husband randomly picked up two very cheap glow sticks at the store for the boys to play with while running an errand.  We very rarely buy the kids toys because they spend so much time outside, and they have more than enough toys at home.  But once in awhile, every child needs a treat. 

This really wasn't much of a treat.  It was a stick that glowed...nothing more, nothing less.  We took the boys walking after dark and gave them their sticks.  You would have thought the oldest had just opened Christmas.  He jabbered a million miles a minute.  He twirled his stick.  He used it to look for frogs on the path.  He giggled and skipped.  He loved the glow.  He was quite pleased with his newest treasure.

After our walk, the boys took their baths and headed to bed.  All the while, the glow sticks stayed by their sides.  I tucked them in, kissed their cheeks, and said nighttime prayers.  I returned a bit later to check in on them.  They were fast asleep still clinging to their little glowing treat.

Jackson woke this morning shocked to find it still glowing.  He hopped out of bed proclaiming his was magical.  He is hopeful it might still be glowing after school.  He knows the likelihood is small, but he still hopes.

Oh the joys of childhood.  A little magic, a little wonder, and a lot of smiles.  It truly was a dollar well spent.  I watched them walk hand-in-hand with their daddy last night carrying their treasures.  I hoped they knew the real treasure was the fella in the middle. 

Lucky boys.

B Charmer

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