Monday, May 6, 2013

Big Ideas-Random Thoughts

Oh, I have a million, don't you?  Big ideas that swirl in your head and puff up in your heart. 

A few of mine:

Sew the most adorable baby clothing
Write books

Be a gluten-free, sugar-free baking goddess

Run a marathon

Live in Europe, in a cobblestone flat, and take my coffee in the local shop every day
Rescue children in need

Raise my boys to be stalwarts of faith and hope

Become a master gardener

Swim like I did when I was a child

Learn Ballet

I am honestly working on a few of them.  You'll just have to wait and see which ones they are. 

I am finding that my heart's love is just busying about home making and doing.  I love piddling and reorganizing.  I am excited to watch my plants grow.  I enjoy making the faucet sparkle and the laundry room inviting.  I am hoping to dust off my sewing machine and make myself some summer skirts.  I have lots of big ideas.  Well, they are really small ideas, but they feel big. 

I like these skirts...maybe I will try one of them first.

Who knows where the wind will blow me these coming weeks.  I am looking forward to some big ideas becoming realities. Until then, it is back to work for me!

Catch you later friends!

B Charmer

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