Monday, April 15, 2013

Weeping For the World

I remember, as a child, seeing visions of things from far away lands that broke my heart.  Pictures and news events from around the world of fear and devastation.  These scenes made me so proud of my strong America.  I was very at peace knowing that my country could never allow such terrible things to happen.  I was but a child, but I believed in the red, white, and the blue colors of our flag.  I remember tying yellow ribbons around the school fence posts to honor the bravest of brave that gave me that peace.  I remember when people stopped in reverence and listened to the words of our president.  When he spoke, the whole world listened.  Television stations ceased their clamor, and all that any ears and eyes could see was the leader of our great Nation. 

I remember not being afraid to fly, or visit a lovely city.  I remember dreaming of seeing everything beautiful my country had to offer.  I was not afraid to take subways, elevators to the highest buildings, or attend a concert in a park.  I remember not being afraid. 

I remember when people were good.  I remember when they were slow to anger.  I remember when they fought for morals and struck down laws that belittled the authority of God.  I remember feeling connected to my fellow citizens.  I remember filling time capsules and celebrating the birthdays of my state. 

I hate that I say remember.  It seems those are simply just memories of the past.  Will my children ever feel that way about their country?  Will they know what a yellow ribbon means, or the precious feeling of seeing the red, white, and blue colors flying through the sky?  Will they ever take a trip on their own homeland without personal searches and feeling afraid to pack their own shampoo?  Will they even travel? 

Will they not see New York for fear of the worst?  Will they not listen to their president because nobody listens to him?  Will they want to feel the power of  a massive jet,  or even have an army pen pal?  Will they know the words to their very own National Anthem?  Will they live in fear that at any turn this hateful world will rear it's ugly head and threaten their very lives?

I hope the answer is no.  The only way that that will ever be true is if we help them get there.  I am weeping for the world. Weeping for it's children.  Weeping for the America that seems to be disappearing right before my eyes.  I am but one American.  But we are many, and we once were strong.  It takes work to build strength.  I want to build it back.  I want to cease my tears, roll up my sleeves, and take back my beautiful country.  We must or we will loose.  We will loose to fear and hate.  My America would never do that. 

Would yours?

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