Thursday, April 18, 2013

Warm Evenings

I must say that I am really enjoying our new place.  We have a lot of fun spending time outside in the warm evenings.  We are right on a large tract of forestry, and have been able to ride the ATV and explore the area.  Last night, all four of us were on it at one point. 

The big boy lost his training wheels this week and is doing very well riding his bike.  He does crash occasionally,  and he has the skinned knees to prove his battle scars.  While we were so focused on him, little brother decided that he too was completely big enough to ride his trike.  He loves just pulling it around, but yesterday he sat down and peddled and rode like a pro.  We were all a bit surprised. 

We are always on the lookout for bird nests and surprise flowers.  The purple flowers are growing in the most unlikely spot.  They are flourishing in the middle of a sand pit.  I am very tempted to try transplanting them.  Does anybody happen to know what they are? 

I hope you are enjoying your own warm evenings.  It is the blessing of Spring..sweet, sweet Spring.

B Charmer

I am terribly disappointed that all of my photos from last evening were so out of focus, but I can't go back and re-live the moment, so I am just enjoying them...fuzzy!

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