Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Visual Aids

I am a visual person, as you can tell by all the photos I love to take.  Different things inspire me in different ways.  Sometimes, a photo will capture me.  I like to hold them for inspiration.

This one inspires a feeling.  I like that it feels homey and cozy.  Not everything is brand new.  I like how it is organized, yet full of character.  I want my home to feel that way too.

She inspires me to keep reaching.  It is rare to see redheaded women featured in fashion magazines.  I like it when I do.  I look at her and think, I can still take time to be pretty.  I can work hard to feel good about how I look.  I am not old, yet.  She reminds me that I need to forget feeling old and tired sometimes.  I just need to keep at it, and maybe I'll be that skinny again too! I can be a mom and still be a girl.  And...that red hair and fair skin is special. 

What inspires you?

B Charmer

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