Monday, April 8, 2013


The boys spent the week with my parents in our old home town for Easter Break.  I went down this weekend and stayed for a last little Spring Break hurrah.  It was hard leaving.  It was hard packing the boys and bringing them back to the constant daily whirlwind of school, preschool, book bags, and car rides.  Getting them up today and forcing us all out the door to finish up this last part of the school year was so very difficult.  The hard part isn't the daily grind or waking sleepy heads for breakfast.  The hard part is wanting and not getting more time.  More time for walks and flower picking.  More time for front porch races and grass stains.  I just want more time for brownie baking and walks to the little theater.  I just want more...more time with them and their dirty bare feet running up and down the steps squealing with delight. 

Maybe soon...there will be much more time. Until then, we will all treasure the time we do get, and giggle at the pictures from our fun.

Sharing a bed with a floppy fish baby.

Mom's front porch raceway.

Enjoying evening walks.

Stroller pushing and brother love. 

Finding new blossoms.

And...leaving worn out.  It was a sweet, spring time.

B Charmer

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