Thursday, April 11, 2013

Growing Pains

This week has brought some changes.  My little ones are growing at an incredible rate.  The big boy is working hard on riding his bike without training wheels.  He hasn't mastered it yet, but I know in the blink of an eye, he will.  I barely see him in the afternoons.  He comes home, says "hey mom", and is outside with the friends of the neighborhood.  I am happy for him.  I am thrilled he is outside playing and growing.  He is learning so much right now.   He is changing, and he is finally showing some true independence. He doesn't pause often for pictures. It is bittersweet.  I love to see him stretch his wings.  I miss his littleness too. 

The baby boy got his first haircut last night.  I waited as long as I could.  He turned 2 in March.  His hair was getting quite ridiculous.  I hated the thoughts of loosing the baby curls, but the tangles and sweaty head were the true signs that the time had come.  He did pretty well with it. I cut it for him in the bathroom, so there was no fancy haircut experience.  We do things pretty calm around our home.  He thought the pile of red curls were sort of funny.  He kept asking me if they hurt.

It hurt me a bit.  It hurt my little mommy heart to realize that with every passing day, they are changing and growing.  I am so blessed and grateful to have two growing, healthy boys.  I would not change that for the world.  It just seems odd that they grow so quickly.  Just when this mommy finds some confidence in her skills of parenting for a certain stage, it's gone.  One moment I am kissing scraped knees, and the next I simply get a "hey, going out to play".

It is good, though.  It is good to see that they are surviving my attempts at rearing them.  It is good to see that they are hitting all the normal milestones.  It is good that they are happy and busting out of their clothes.  I will not shed a tear for them, but I might shed a tiny one for me.  I think, after all, it is the mommy that gets the worst end of the growing pains.

Photos of a little one that is very ready for bed can be quite an accomplishment. I've learned to take what I can get! ~  B Charmer

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