Wednesday, April 24, 2013

The Bedroom

I am trying really hard to not spend any money, or very little money, on decorating while we are in this apartment.  I feel confident that I can be fine using what we already have and still have a cozy home.  Everything is working well, except I just can't seem to get beyond how bland our bedroom seems.  We are fortunate that the walls in our place are not just white, but the color they are just washes out the things I already have for our room.  In my home, I had a different wall color, and I liked the contrast my bedding and artwork had against it. I am trying to think of ways to add color and pattern without over doing it.  I would love to just go buy all new, but that is silly and wasteful.  I wonder if I am just tired of looking at the same ole bedding? Often, I think I just get used to the things I have and honestly get bored with them.  That is probably a horrible self admission, but it is very true.  I try to change things up when I can.  I repurpose, reuse, and repaint to satisfy that need in me to revamp tired looks.  For some reason, I'm stumped on our bedroom.  I have combined two different duvet sets as it is to add some color.  I am thinking more pillows might help?  I hope.  I have some other fabrics that I could sew new pillows with, and I am thinking that is where I will start. 

Do you have to fight the urge to always work on your home?  Gee...I do.

B Charmer

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