Wednesday, April 3, 2013

I Hope

I hope Spring has made it's arrival wherever you call home.

I hope you have felt the warmth of the sun, and saw shoots of green.

I hope you have taken a moment to think about the magnificence of this old world renewing every year.

I hope you find joy in the Cherry Blossom, and smile at the Bradford Pears.

I hope you know the smell of springtime mud caused by the April rains. 

I hope you find a bird's nest in an unlikely place.

I hope you let spring into your heart by clearing away the dry and grey parts of life.

I hope you know how fleeting the buds and blossoms are.

I hope you pause and snap a picture of the season.

I hope you take a walk through the forest and listen to the sounds of life.

I hope you notice Spring.

B Charmer

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