Monday, April 8, 2013

Homemade Simple

Sometimes simple does the trick, especially when it comes to evening dinner.  I have a weak spot for pan fried potatoes.  It reminds me of childhood and family time.  My mother often served us perfectly crisp, fried potatoes with many a meal.  Tonight, I enjoyed serving them to my boys.  I put together this little one-skillet-wonder and it turned out delicious!

For this dish you need:

One package of Italian sausage (or any favorite)
One package of frozen broccoli (or a small fresh head)
Thinly sliced (fresh) potatoes ( I used three large baking sized potatoes)
1/4 cup of vegetable oil plus one pat of butter
Salt and pepper to taste

Heat a heavy skillet on medium high heat.  Add sausage to hot skillet.  I chose to crumble my sausage, but you can cook to desired size.  Once sausage is thoroughly browned, removed from skillet.  Add the oil to the pan drippings. When oil is heated through, add thinly sliced potatoes to skillet.  Turn potatoes frequently to distribute oil, and salt and pepper to desired amount.  As the potatoes cook, allow them to sit in skillet to crisp.  As they brown, turn occasionally to crisp all sides.  I reccomend using a wooden spoon for turning the potatoes.  If the oil is absorbed, add the pat of butter to keep potatoes from sticking- and to add delicious flavor.  Once potatoes are cooked to your ideal crispness, stir sausage back into the skillet.  In a separate bowl, microwave frozen broccoli till heated through (approximately 6 min).  Once broccoli is heated through, add to potato and sausage skillet.  Allow all ingredients to incorporate. Stir well and season one final time. 

If your family is anything like mine, the skillet will be empty in about 30 minutes.  That is homemade and very simple.

Bon Appetite!
B Charmer

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