Thursday, April 4, 2013

Could You? Would You?

As a younger girl, I dreamed of roaming the world collecting memories as I skipped through the continents.  I probably should have studied Anthropology or Intercultural Studies.  I loved getting lost in National Geographic magazines and trying worldly recipes.  I relished in the time I spent abroad studying, learning, and working.  Seeing Africa, Russia, France, Spain, and other places around the world will always be highlights of my life.  I really thought that I would be a modern-day vagabond with a camera permanently strapped to my neck. 

So, that is not exactly how things are at the moment.  But, I am not discontented.  I can't say that I don't get the twinge many times to span an ocean or two or get lost in a beautifully large city.  I do have sort of a Gypsy spirit that I keep in check.  All in all though, I have come to learn that what lures me most is finding a need and meeting it.  I have a very soft spot for all the cultures of the world.  I am not off-put by any race or language.  I think it is just beautiful how we are all shaped and molded so uniquely throughout the globe.  I find the more I see, the more I learn, and consequently the more I love. 

Somewhere along the journey, I have realized that loving people is just the core of who I want to be.  It matters little to me where they are from, or what spices find themselves in their nightly dinners.  I just love people.  I spent my college years studying international mission work. I was but a girl with a love of adventure.  It took years of living to understand that the heart of any true, TRUE mission work has very little to do with adventure and everything to do with loving others. 

No travel is required to find people in need.  No passport is necessary to stand in the gap for the under-served and under-loved.  I do not even need to book a flight to encounter life much different than my own.  However, I cannot deny the makeup of my innermost being.  I know that I was created in a way that makes me unafraid to unfurl my little wings and try the unknown.  I know that not everybody is made that way.  And that is OK.  But, I do find that I feel a certain responsibility to that part of me to use it. 

There are no shortage of opportunities.  I guess the shortage is courage and faith.  Courage and faith to uproot something in me or my family that might cling to the "known".  Courage to not worry deeply over things like finances and a good doctor.  Can I use my faith that to depend on my God to supply our needs? Is it really so hard to trade in the known that is just mediocre for the unknown that your heart craves? 

If you were given the opportunity to trade it in and pour your life into what you love, could you? Could you charter a new path?  Would you?
I am pretty sure I would....

B Charmer

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