Monday, April 1, 2013

Colors, Cakes, and Curtains

Wow...picture palooza.  We had a lovely weekend.  Time is a wonderful thing.  Time to be together, make messes, create, and just have fun is priceless.

We tried a new egg dye technique with vinegar and oil.  It was OK, nothing spectacular. The mess was spectacular, and baby just kept trying to lick the egg dipper.  It was funny.  The vinegar was too much for him, but he just  couldn't help himself. 

We celebrated Resurrection day and spent the afternoon with family.  We hid our eggs, found them again, and watched our niece win the Lucky Egg along with it's loot! 

After egg hunting, we celebrated baby's birthday.  We drove with the cake in tow about an hour and a half.  The cake survived beautifully until we arrived.  It got a good kick from baby as we were unloading.  It split and crumbled.  So, I thought quickly and piled the cupcakes into a mountain shape.  I added baby's most favorite monster trucks, and lit so many candles.  We decided it was the monster truck mountain mud climber cake.  He seemed to completely love it.  And in case you are wondering, the trucks all got a thorough scrubbing before climbing cake mountain. 

I also put some curtains up that I have had for a long while.  I remember buying them on a special shopping trip with my mother.  At the time, I had visions for them in our ancient cottage.  They were meant for a sunny spot off the kitchen.  They never really got to find their purpose their.  However, I think they work lovely even in our little city apartment, of which I like to call our borrowed cottage.  They are making me smile.  Life is so very different from when I first purchased them.  But, somehow it seems now is the perfect time to enjoy them. 

I hope you had a lovely weekend.  I know we sure did.

B Charmer

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