Tuesday, April 30, 2013


It is terrible, this thing we do finding comfort in food.  But, it works pretty well -at least for a few hours.  Today, I took a lunch break for the first time in weeks.  I actually left work and went to a favorite spot.  It was so very nice just tasting and smelling.  Food is powerful, don't you think?  I know they say scent is perhaps the greatest sense, but I would argue that food is it's partner. 

If I could post a scratch and sniff...I would right here __________.

But, I can't.  So, you'll have to just imagine the deliciousness of my great escape today.  At least for an hour, I forgot how hard it is to go back to my desk.  But, here I sit with piles waiting for my response.  The show must go on...

Catch you later friends...
B Charmer

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