Tuesday, April 30, 2013


It is terrible, this thing we do finding comfort in food.  But, it works pretty well -at least for a few hours.  Today, I took a lunch break for the first time in weeks.  I actually left work and went to a favorite spot.  It was so very nice just tasting and smelling.  Food is powerful, don't you think?  I know they say scent is perhaps the greatest sense, but I would argue that food is it's partner. 

If I could post a scratch and sniff...I would right here __________.

But, I can't.  So, you'll have to just imagine the deliciousness of my great escape today.  At least for an hour, I forgot how hard it is to go back to my desk.  But, here I sit with piles waiting for my response.  The show must go on...

Catch you later friends...
B Charmer


This is me, as a child, doing my famous rooster dance.  I wish I had the proof to show you that Lincoln does this exact move.  He was never taught...just good genetics, I suppose.  But today, if I were again 2 years old, I would pull out the rooster dance.  I am happy.  We officially paid off all of the nine million specialists that were seen over the past year....and we also sent the last check for the car.  I think that merits a rooster dance.  Somehow, I am not sure my fellow accountants would quite appreciate my attempt at this move today.  But, I feel good that I have stayed the course with this job. It has not been easy, that is for sure. 

But...it has been a good thing.

B Charmer

Monday, April 29, 2013

No Resemblance

I grew up sort of the odd ball.  My parents were dark headed and so was my brother.  My mother's family has a good bit of Native American in the family tree.  But me, well that part skipped me.  I was the loner.  I was the pale, red-headed one of the bunch.  I didn't really look like anybody in my family.  My brother was certain I was adopted, or maybe an alien flown in from Jupiter.  He just knew that I didn't look like the rest of the family. 

Sometimes I hated that.  I wanted so badly to have somebody to resemble.  I didn't really think too much about how special it was to be part of the smallest population in the entire earth that can call themselves a true redhead.  It just wasn't cool to me how unique I was.  I just wanted a tan and dark, shiny hair.  I just wanted to look like everybody else!

I've certainly gotten past all that now.  But, I can tell you that I was not at all expecting to have redheaded children.  I married a dark headed man, and his family is all super dark with brown eyes.  Although, he alone boasts gorgeous blue eyes.  I just assumed I would always be the odd ball.  I was OK with that.  When I was expecting my first child, I never really thought that it would even be a possibility that he would be redheaded.  I know that sounds a bit crazy, but when you've grown up the lone ranger in a world full of luscious dark locks, you assume your genetics are a fluke. 

When my son was handed to me, I was in complete shock that he had red hair...complete shock.  Everyone kept waiting for it to change colors, but no, he kept it.  He looked like me!  For the first time in my whole life there was this little person that shared something in common with me.  He was my child.  We shared lots of things, but we looked like we belonged together.  It was perhaps the moment that I realized how silly it was that I wanted to change my looks for so many years.  He was perfect.  He was precious.  And...he looked like his mommy.

When the second son came along, so did the shock that another child could share my looks.  My husband chuckled.  My family felt certain this one would not keep the red hair.  But, I knew.  I just knew.  I cannot tell you what special God-given blessing it is to see two little redheads running around my house.  I look at them and just smile.  We are a team.  We stick together.  We look like each other, and we are pretty happy about that!

I ran across some old photos, and it was just mind blowing to see me as a baby and to look across the room at my own.  We share so much.  If I could wink at God, I would.  But,  somehow I think He chuckles too when they run through the house with their bobbing red heads. 

What do you think...resemblance?

Me and my Jackson

 Me and my Lincoln

 These just make me giggle out loud. I will share some more some time soon...but I just can't help but chuckle.  My little buddies...I love them so!

B Charmer

Sunday, April 28, 2013

On Woodland and Prestwood

 And...that ended the garden tour.  It was a lovely way to spend a Saturday.  I am already looking forward to next year. 
B Charmer

Lawton Park to Law Street

I most enjoyed a garden tour yesterday.  This was a first-ever for our old hometown.  It was truly a lovely Saturday.  Don't you agree?

Oh, to have a garden again...
I'm getting lots of inspiration! 

B Charmer

Friday, April 26, 2013

Little Men

They start early, you know, this stuff of being little men. They tinker with junk, get really dirty, and they can be a bit dramatic when their under the weather.  But, I love them all the more for it. They are my little men, after all.

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