Thursday, March 14, 2013

Will It Work?

I am hatching a plan.  It involves dirt and seeds. Can I garden in the city--on a patio?  Why, yes I think I can.  I hope I can.  I am trying to plan now exactly how I'd like for it to be organized.  My space is quite limited, but I want to attempt it none-the less.  

I am researching plants, containers, soil, etc. for my plan.  I admit, I am sort of a novice gardening this way.  Well, I am not a very experienced gardener at all.  But, I grew up with garden-lovers and spent many hours pulling weeds, watering, and tending to the garden of my mother's (albeit mostly flowers).  But really, surely I can take this on?!  I mean, as long as I remember to water I have to be headed in the right direction-right?

I have been combing my sources for inspiration.  It will be a bit of an investment, and I want to make sure I wisely go about this entire process.  Do you my readers have experience growing veggies in containers?  Please, oh please, do share your tips! 

On my list veggies I am considering:

Small Miracle Broccoli
Little Finger Carrots
Bush Champion Cucumbers
Patio Mohican Eggplant
Tendercrop Green Beans
Green Onion
Sugar Bon Peas
Some type of Pepper
Summer Squash
and scads of TOMATOES

So, I probably need to edit my list to a more manageable plan.  It is just so hard because I can already taste all of these warm, fresh, and juicy plants of wonder! Ahhh....

So, maybe this weekend I can start collecting containers.  I'm just a bit...a wee, a GIANT bit excited! Wonder if it will work?

To be continued....
B Charmer


  1. I haven't looked closely at your list of varieties, but remember that small fruit are not the same as small plants (some of the tiniest tomatoes and watermelons grow on sprawling lanky plants!) 'Tumbler' tomatoes are a good choice for containers - not huge fruit, but not tiny either, and the plants are small enough to put in hanging baskets. I grew 'Yum Yum Gold' peppers: a couple years ago when my only "garden" was a raised 24" x 36" bed - they stayed nicely bush-sized and were prolific with small but sweet fruit.

    Good luck, and holler if you need any pointers or help!

    1. I was so happy to see you post again on your blog! I've missed reading! Thanks for all the info, and I will no doubt holler much for help! Thanks!

  2. So in my gardening class we talked about veggies last week. I probably should have already known this, but I learned about determinate vs indeterminate tomatoes. Determinate mean that they only get a certain size and don't require major staking and most of the tomatoes on the plant ripen around the same time, like within about 2 weeks of each other. Indeterminate keep growing until frost or something else kills them, so they can get very tall if you take good care of them and they just keep making tomatoes until they die so you get tomatoes over a longer period of time. So my guess is that you want to pick a determinate variety that doesn't get too tall. Keep us posted on what you plant! I just got my spring veggie seeds in the ground this week. If the birds and squirrels don't mess with it too much maybe I'll get a salad within the next month or two!

    1. Good to know. I will keep you posted! Love seeing your sweet baby girl on your blog. Oh....Jackson wants to know how the chickens are doing?


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