Wednesday, March 20, 2013

The Equinox

First, my apologies to all my friends that are covered under a heavy snow blanket on this first Spring Day.  I will admit, it is sunny here in the South.  But, we are experiencing cooler that average temps for this time of year.  That being said, I know many of you would be delighted to feel our balmy 54 degree day.  I am still donning my coat and scarf.  I did however see a lady crossing Main Street this morning wearing some really cute T-strap sandals, but I know her toes were freezing.  She was determined to usher in the new season in her own daring way. 

I love winter clothes.  I suppose I like the idea of keeping warm and covering my oh-so-pale redheaded skin.  But, I am a fan of pretty things.  And I do love a good sundress and sandals.  So without further adieu, here is to Spring and the promise of the sweltering days of summer to come! 

A  springtime wish list of lovelies from a favorite.....

May your spring be warm, lovely, and full of smiles.

B Charmer

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