Saturday, March 30, 2013

Just Fix It!

This morning I find myself surrounded by a small graveyard of plastic casualties.  Little hands and faces begging me to, "just fix it!".  The toys have had a hard go of it this week.   Sunshine and backyard play does a number on them. A few trips in the Radio Flyer, and well... some of them are a little shaken up.

I have power rangers with cracked legs.  Jessie just lost her entire leg.  Then, the pop-gun cork was royally stuck.  I have recovered Woody's arm, but he himself is currently MIA.  Bullseye got a hip replacement and the bat mobile got sand in his engine. 

Tiny screw drivers, super glue, and duct tape are the common tools required for plastic surgery.  I am certain all of my patients will be back soon for more work.  If sunshine holds and little boy imaginations grow, my plastic surgery practice will stay busy for a few more years.

Occasionally, I loose one on the table.  There are moments that nothing can be done.  There are tears, red faces, and heavy hearts.  Sometimes, we just have to let go.  We pull out the piggy banks, count our  quarters, wiggle any loose teeth, and make a trip for a replacement.  That is how it works, after all. 

If only I could promise that all their problems could be solved with screwdrivers and superglue.  Someday, when I pack their bags for college, I may have to include the emergency fix-it kit.  Some family glue to hold things together.  A roll of motherly duct-tape for the quick fix, and a father's strength to tighten things that have loosened with time.  Hopefully, they will still see the value in our surgical skills to help them put the pieces back together when they get a little shaken up.  I hope they will always know that we are here to do our best to fix it...long after Woody's Round-Up Gang sings it's last hurrah. 

Until then, we will busy ourselves with today's casualties. 

B Charmer

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