Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Not Unusual

I was scrolling through the photos on my phone in a desperate attempt to get the baby to calm.  He loves looking at photos on my phone.  It is almost like a sedative for fussy baby syndrome!  As we were looking along, I started thinking about what a stranger might think if they found my phone and began scrolling through my photo stream.  To me, the pictures are not all that unusual.  What do you think?

Why yes....this is a deer head boiling in an enormous pot on my stove.  You don't boil deer heads at your house?  Well, rest assured it was not included in the evening meal.  Although, we eat a great deal of venison at our house thanks to our hunter man! This picture is just one scene in the process that ends with a European buck mount. 

Little cars and canned goods...absolutely.  Baby thinks the best toys on the planet are things like olives and taxis.  I find the most unusual play things in the most unusual places...but for us that's pretty normal. 

There is an abundance of a certain curly redhead that seems to always need a haircut. 

Bazillions of fuzzy baby self portraits.

Lots of superheros.

A great deal of kitchen creations.  (This last picture was the beginning of the BEST homemade brownies-look at all that butter!)

And...many, many shots of our extended family that seem to always steal my seat.

So...not unusual, just the norm here at our place.  It always makes me grin to look at our life in still frames.

B Charmer.

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