Thursday, February 21, 2013

Digging Out

We moved. Sigh....

The past week and a half have been a bit overwhelming.  Packing up a family and relocating even two miles away is a great, great deal of work.  I tried to stay upbeat and positive. I tried to stay warm.  I tried to stay out of the ER.

None of these things fully were accomplished.

We first got the news that my husband was being sent out on a work assignment in the neighboring state on the day we were to receive keys.  I knew then that a lot of things were going to be on me to get it all going and moving.  I was OK.  I could do this. 

The plan was sign papers on Thursday, keys on Friday, truck on Saturday.  It sort of panned out that way.  But Wednesday came first.  Wednesday kind of sent everything whirling.  I wasn't feeling super great Wednesday morning.  I have been having a few issues lately with my heart beating irregularly and being short of breath.  I have been tucking it away as simply stress related and was planning to make an appointment if things did not improve. 

Well, things did not improve.  I had a very bad spell at work.  I thought I could quietly leave for lunch and maybe run by the clinic to just make sure I was OK.  But, I ended up having to phone my husband.  He made the trek into the city and took me straight away to the ER at the closest hospital...which just happened to be a Heart Hospital. 

After all afternoon and a portion of the evening, I was eventually released and placed on a heart monitor.  I am fine for the time being.  I am to see a cardiologist on the 28th.  I fully expect him to say I need a solitary vacation on a tropical island where others are at my beck and call. Or.. maybe he can just say tell me to take it easy a bit.  Whatever the case, I am hopeful it is nothing but a case of being frazzled to the max.

But, the move must go on.  I left the hospital Wednesday evening.  I went to work Thursday, faxed a bazillion papers for the new place, went back to the hospital to have the holter monitor ripped off my chest, visited a dear friend who's mother was admitted at the same hospital, met my parents for dinner, and sent the boys on their way.  Then I crashed on the couch and slept for what seemed like the first time in a hundred years.  Never mind packing....not one box packed.  Ugh....

Friday was work, picking up keys, and beginning the journey of downsizing...again.  I walked around our new place as it was clean, empty, and ready for our noisy family.  I thought of all the things that have transpired to get us to this point.  Soon these barren walls would feel the warmth of my crazy boys and our chaos.  Soon, this too would be home. 

I started the one million trips back and forth loading and unloading.  It got rather cold.  So cold in fact, it actually snowed the next day (after hours of rain).  Snow in South Carolina happens maybe once a year--maybe.  This year, it happened on moving day. 

The husband finally made it home from his trip.  Together, he and I moved everything.  It took at least 742 trips.  Something about moving basically around the corner  kept us from doing the sane thing of packing in boxes and doing it the normal way. We actually did not have one. single. box.  STUPID! stupid. stupid! Well, I must say I do keep most things in baskets and bins so that counts somewhat.  But still, a big box that held a bunch of baskets would have been really good to have had.

But now....It is FINISHED....sort of.  Our new place looks like a scene out of a college dorm or maybe the after effects of a powerful storm.  Piles and stacks of stuff everywhere. It is embarrassing and ridiculous.  And, I can't seem to to get it all put away fast enough.  My one year old thinks it is great entertainment to sort and pilfer non-stop. I nearly died in horror when I came home yesterday evening and found a note from the pest control folks for suggestions to reduce pest issues.  No piles, no cardboard, no stuff on the floor.  I really was not expecting pest control this quickly after moving in.  Hopefully he knew this was move-in chaos and not just the world's worst housekeeper.

 My resolution this year was simplicity and moving has really REALLY made it clear that I need to rehearse those words in my head over and over and over.  We simply just do not need so many things.  I ridded ourselves of much when we left home.  But...much is still needed to vacate.  I am looking forward to releasing more.  It will be good to travel light.  Very good. 

Here is home....before we arrived!

I hope to get back on track with B Charmer as soon as I can find my laptop....just kidding... I know exactly where it is, but I do have to create a space to write.  That is very high on my list of priorities...after making sure I am not the poster lady for what not to do for the pest control folks! 

Thanks to those of you that are joining me at One Freckled Egg.  Post number two is up and ready.  Please feel comfortable getting in on the discussion! 

On now to find one pair of matching socks....

B Charmer

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